Want to make your home in South Central Pennsylvania more energy efficient? Whether you’re looking for money saving tips, want to learn more about the benefits of insulation, or have questions about indoor air quality, you’ve come to the right place! Energy Smart has the answers you’re looking for.

Is love in the air? Energy Smart, PA
February 13, 2018
It’s time to make sure that love is in the air, not things that will make you sick.
Cold feet, insulate basement or crawlspace, Energy Smart, PA
February 8, 2018
If you find yourself reaching for your slippers more often than usual this winter, it could be time to insulate and air seal leaks in your basement or encapsulate your crawlspace.
cozy home, energy smart home improvement, PA, energy audits, air sealing, insulation
December 13, 2017
There’s still time to prepare your home for those looming freezing temperatures.
cozy home, energy smart home improvement, PA, energy audits
December 5, 2017
As you prepare your home for cold weather, your first instinct might be to upgrade your heating system or windows, but this might not be what your home needs.
bang for your buck, home upgrades on budget, energy smart home performance, PA
October 31, 2017
As you seek to improve comfort and efficiency in your home, you might become aware of several areas where air sealing and adding insulation would be needed.
October 27, 2017
If you really want to lower your heating bills this winter, consider making these improvements before the heating season is in full swing.
September 29, 2017
With proper high-performance insulation, during the winter, the inside of your home stays warm and toasty while during the summer, you’re left feeling cool and comfortable.
Condensation on a Home's Window due to High Humidity
September 6, 2017
Humid Carlisle, PA weather can create indoor air quality problems in your home. Improve home health with the local experts at Energy Smart Home Improvement!
July 17, 2017
Are you struggling to keep your home at the right temperature? Get an energy audit, save money and increase comfort by fixing the problems for good!
Cool off all floors of your home with help from Energy Smart Home Improvement!
June 22, 2017
Summer’s here! Is the upstairs floor in your home boiling? There may be many reasons as to why your upstairs is so hot.



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