Basements, whether finished or not, can be highly functional, useful spaces within a home. They can also have major effects on home efficiency and comfort, affecting indoor comfort levels throughout the rest of the home. If you're looking to enhance energy efficiency in your home via insulation and air sealing, your basement an important place to start.

The importance of basement insulation

Though many people don't pay a great deal of attention to their basements, ignoring this part of the home is never a good idea. There are a number of reasons why a basement must be properly insulated. Insulation can keep mold, moisture, pests and insects at bay, for example, all of which can contribute to indoor air quality issues.

Combine today's high-performance insulation with effective air sealing, and the benefits become even more pronounced.

Insulation "problem areas"

In an attempt to insulate a home's basement, today's home performance contractors typically look at three "problem areas:" walls, floors and rim joists. While all of these parts of the basement require slightly different approaches to installing insulation, performing the work can result in a drier, more comfortable basement, which will also influence comfort levels and indoor air quality throughout the rest of the home.

Anyone who lives in South Central Pennsylvania knows that humidity can be a problem in the area. If you're used to dealing with a humid basement, this is a good sign that air sealing and insulation must be deployed to put an end to the problem for good.

True home comfort with Energy Smart Home Improvement

The team at Energy Smart Home Improvement knows just how important it is to maintain a safe, comfortable home environment, and a big part of achieving this goal is analyzing and fixing under-insulated basements. Once the work has been performed, you can expect a reduction in your energy bills, fewer concerns about mold/moisture proliferation and a more comfortable home throughout.

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