Want to make your home in South Central Pennsylvania more energy efficient? Whether you’re looking for money saving tips, want to learn more about the benefits of insulation, or have questions about indoor air quality, you’ve come to the right place! Energy Smart has the answers you’re looking for.

man applying sealant to a window
December 19, 2019

Upgrade your home's energy efficiency while lowering your energy bills with these retrofit projects for South Central Pennsylvania homeowners. Learn how insulation and air sealing with Energy Smart Home Improvement will improve your home comfort and bring real value to your home.

woman asleep in her bed at home
October 30, 2019

Studies show a strong relationship between your quality of sleep and the indoor air quality (IAQ) issues in your Central Pennsylvania home. Energy Smart Home Improvement breaks down how sleeping in a stuffy room could be affecting your health for the worse, and how you can get a better night's... Read more

woman with fall scarf on sneezing into a tissue
October 3, 2019
If your fall allergies are following you inside your Pennsylvania home, it could be time to take a closer look at your indoor air quality. Energy Smart Home Improvement explains how proper insulation and air sealing can help keep pollutants and mold out of your home.
should I upgrade my insulation video energy smart home improvement
October 2, 2019

Watch as Energy Smart Home Improvement walks you through the signs your home may be underinsulated. Proper insulation in the attic, walls, and crawlspace of your south-central Pennsylvania home will increase your year-round home comfort, and reduce your energy bills. Energy Smart is your local... Read more

crawlspace beneath house
September 19, 2019
A drafty house, rooms that are hard to heat or cool, and indoor air quality issues could be the result of poor insulation and air sealing. Energy Smart Home Improvement explains how crawlspace encapsulation can lower energy costs and improve the overall comfort and health of your South Central... Read more
air sealing and insulation together
September 12, 2019

Has it been hard to keep your home cool this summer? Learn how air sealing works with insulation to keep your Pennsylvania home comfortable in the July and August heat. Energy Smart explains their professional air sealing service, and why air sealing your attic & basement keeps you cool... Read more

does my attic need more insulation infographic header energy smart home improvement
July 9, 2019
Find out how to tell if your attic needs insulation, and what the benefits of proper attic insulation are. Almost 90% of homes in South Central PA are under-insulated — is yours one of them? Learn more from Energy Smart Home Improvement, the Carlisle, PA area’s trusted local home insulation expert.
black mold in home
June 26, 2019
Find out what causes mold to grow on insulation — and what you should do when you find mold on your insulation. Mold can harm indoor air quality, cause “mold sickness,” and more. Learn more from Energy Smart Home Improvement, a home insulation expert serving homeowners in South Central PA.
ways to save on cooling pa energy smart home improvement
June 21, 2019
Take a look at these three simple ways you can reduce the costs related to keeping your South Central PA home cool this summer. From upgrading your attic insulation to scheduling an energy audit, Energy Smart Home Improvement has all the energy saving home comfort tips you need in Carlisle and... Read more
Save Energy & Money with Home Improvements infographic header image energy smart home improvement
June 17, 2019
Find out how to save energy and money with smart home improvements like air sealing and insulation. Having your home air sealed and updating its insulation can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs. Learn more from Energy Smart Home Improvement, Central PA’s home comfort and efficiency expert.



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