For Harrisburg Pennsylvania homeowners who are attempting to enhance home performance and comfort, there are a number of different home upgrades to choose from. Unsurprisingly, the list of valuable upgrades that might benefit a home can be overwhelming, and knowing how to move forward is often easier said than done.

At Energy Smart Home Improvement, we believe that air sealing—combined with high-performance cellulose insulation—is the most important thing that homeowners can do to get their homes performing at peak efficiency.

Why Air Seal the Home Envelope?

Building Envelope | Air Sealing | Energy Smart Home ImprovementMany people don't realize just how much the home envelope matters when it comes to improving indoor comfort levels and reducing energy bills. The home envelope is essentially what separates your home's conditioned and unconditioned spaces—your kitchen and your garage, for example. When properly sealed, indoor air stays right where it's supposed to, and outdoor air is unable to enter the home.

Problems can stem from the fact that many homes are littered with tiny cracks and gaps, some of which may be next to impossible to see with the naked eye. Unsurprisingly, this allows unwanted air exchange to occur. This air exchange translates to 1) wasted energy going out the window and 2) a less comfortable home environment.

What Are the Benefits of Air Sealing?

Attic Insulation | Air Sealing | Energy Smart Home Improvement

Air sealing is the process of filling the tiny cracks and gaps found within a home. This service is instrumental in allowing you to save money on energy bills and keep your home comfortable, especially if you’ve experienced drafts during the winter or just can’t seem to keep your home cool during the summer months. When combined with spray foam insulation, it’s without a doubt the most effective route to take for a more comfortable, energy efficient home.


Benefits of professional air sealing include:

Increased home comfort

Unconditioned air entering living spaces is a leading cause of cold and hot rooms. Air leakage is also often the cause of temperature differences between the first and second floors.

Cleaner indoor air

Your attic insulation acts as a dirty filter when air is allowed to exchange between living spaces and unconditioned areas above. Air sealing can help improve indoor air quality.

Greater energy savings

The EPA estimates that between 25% and 30% of your money spent on heating and cooling is lost through leaks in your attic, basement and other areas.

Which Areas Need to Be Air Sealed?

Rim and Band Air Sealing | Air Sealing Service| Energy SmartAir sealing is essential along your home’s building envelope and along the attic floor, where conditioned indoor air often seeps into the attic. Another key area that needs air sealing is the rim and band.

The rim and band detail in your home is where the wood framing sits above your foundation. In most houses, it is one of the biggest sources of heat loss and air infiltration. The air entering through this area can also contain high levels of moisture, increasing the likelihood of micro bacterial growth and mold growth in the basement and undermining the health of the entire home. Even pests like spiders, bugs, and mice can enter your home in this vulnerable area!

Having Energy Smart air seal the rim and band detail using closed cell spray foam is one of the most cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades you can perform.

Interested in seeing the benefits of air sealing with your own eyes? Our building science experts are standing by to help show you just how much air sealing can do for your home. Call us today at 717.258.6574 or contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment!

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