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December 28, 2018

As temperatures begin to dip below freezing here in Pennsylvania, you’re probably looking for ways to stay warm. The heating system is cranked up, the blankets are beginning to pile high, and perhaps you’re even adding another sweater or two to your closet. But have you thought about what your home might need to feel cozier all winter?

Add Insulation to Keep Your Home Warm

A cozy home in the winter starts with proper insulation. Insulation functions much like a sweater does to keep valuable heat inside your home when it’s cold out. This reduces the need to run your heating system and can even help you lower your heating costs.

The most important areas in the home to insulate are the areas where heat has a tendency to seep out of your home, such as the attic and exterior walls. Most homes in South Central PA are under-insulated, so chances are your home is in need of an insulation upgrade.

The Unexpected Benefits of Home Insulation

Now that you know a little more about how insulation functions in your home, you might expect insulation to make your home warmer in the winter. But did you know it offers these additional benefits as well? With proper home insulation, you can:

  • Reduce cold floors and drafts

  • Run your heating system less

  • Lower your home heating & cooling costs

  • Stay cooler in the summer

  • Extend the life of HVAC equipment

  • Reduce outside noise

Pair Insulation with Air Sealing

For the maximum benefits with your insulation upgrade, we recommend pairing home insulation with professional air sealing. Air sealing is the process of sealing up holes and cracks which let outside air seep into your home. It’s like taking your home’s “insulation sweater” and turning it into a windproof parka!

Cozy Up Your Home with Insulation

If it’s been a while since you last thought about the insulation in your home, consider giving your home and family the gift of an insulation upgrade this winter. You’ll see the difference not only in the comfort you feel but also on those monthly energy bills.

It all starts with an energy audit by Energy Smart Home Improvement. With an energy audit, we can detect exactly where your home is losing heat. Then, we’ll install high performance insulation accordingly to give your home the winter sweater it deserves.

Give your home a sweater this winter. It all starts with an energy audit! Call 717.258.6574 or contact us to schedule your energy audit today!

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