Verify your work with ductwork and building envelope testing

One of the biggest challenges faced by builders and contractors around South Central Pennsylvania is ensuring that the work of their work is truly effective once the job has come close to completion. We expect air sealing, insulation, duct sealing and other aspects of building a home to create a tight and efficient building, but how can we ever be sure without testing the construction?

If you're looking to add credibility to your business and ensure that your team is performing its work properly, Energy Smart Home Improvement can help with ductwork and building envelope testing.

Why test your work?

Many Pennsylvania contractors don't have the experience or tools it takes to properly test ductwork and building envelope tightness. Often, these individuals or companies rely on instinct and intuition gained from many years on the job, which can be very helpful throughout the entire process of building a home. It's not enough, however, to truly know if a home is airtight without performing measurable diagnostic tests.

At Energy Smart Home Improvement, we utilize state-of-the-art tools like blower door tests and infrared cameras to pinpoint the exact location of any leaks existing within a home—perfect for verifying a new construction project. This can not only lead to a more comfortable, structurally sound home with improved indoor air quality, but the third-party verification can do a great deal of good when it comes to satisfying clients and enhancing trust.

Perhaps most importantly, building code compliance testing ensures that your team is performing good work on a consistent basis. After all, the results of diagnostic testing don't lie, and the sooner you can identify a problem, the more swiftly it can be corrected.

Let Energy Smart Home Improvement ensure your building is compliant

Compliance codes are important to pay attention to and should never be overlooked. Verifying your work is a major step forward in ensuring that each and every home you and your team build is code compliant, and Energy Smart Home Improvement is here to help.

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