Want to make your home in South Central Pennsylvania more energy efficient? Whether you’re looking for money saving tips, want to learn more about the benefits of insulation, or have questions about indoor air quality, you’ve come to the right place! Energy Smart has the answers you’re looking for.

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October 3, 2018

Wondering how to keep unwanted heat out of your house in the summer and valuable heat inside your house in the winter? Start with sealing air leaks throughout your home.

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October 2, 2018
What if you could increase home comfort and energy efficiency with one project, using the money you save on your utility bills to cover the upfront cost? You can with an energy audit by Energy Smart Home Improvement of PA! Find out which home upgrades to prioritize for maximum energy savings.
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September 25, 2018
If the second floor of your home is hot in the summer, you need smart home upgrades like air sealing, insulation, and duct balancing. Find out exactly what your home needs with an energy audit by Energy Smart Home Improvement — Central PA’s home comfort expert.
air sealing, attic, insulation, summer, pa, energy smart home improvement
August 6, 2018
Attic air sealing is one of the most important energy efficiency upgrades you can make to your home, giving you benefits like lower energy bills, greater indoor comfort, and fewer indoor drafts. Energy Smart Home Improvement offers professional air sealing for attics in Central PA.
air sealing, attic, summer, insulation, pa, energy smart home improvement
July 9, 2018

If you want to feel cool and comfortable inside your home in the summer, you need professional air sealing by Energy Smart Home Improvement. Air sealing eliminates air leaks which let hot and humid outside air enter your home all summer. Learn more about air sealing for your South Central PA... Read more

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June 27, 2018
If you want to experience true comfort in your South Central PA home, it's time to schedule air sealing and insulation upgrades with the home performance experts at Energy Smart Home Improvement. Insulation and air sealing work together to lower your energy bills and enhance indoor comfort.
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June 20, 2018
Do you know what's causing your allergy symptoms? It could be the air you're breathing inside your home. Schedule indoor air quality testing with Energy Smart Home Improvement, South Central PA's home performance expert, to find out what's affecting your indoor air quality (IAQ).
energy audit, energy upgrades, hvac, insulation, energy smart home improvement, PA
May 24, 2018
If you had drafts or rooms that were difficult to heat last winter, you can expect air conditioning that runs constantly this summer. Find out how to keep your energy bills down with an energy audit by Energy Smart Home Improvement. We'll recommend smart solutions like air sealing and insulation.
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May 7, 2018
Home performance is a measure of how efficient and comfortable your home is. If you have indoor comfort issues and high utility bills, start improving your home performance with Energy Smart Home Improvement. We offer comprehensive energy audits, insulation, and more for homes in South Central PA... Read more
Energy Smart Home Improvement, Seal Your Crawlspace, PA
April 24, 2018
In the hot, humid summer months, moisture moves into your home and wreaks havoc on your crawlspace. Contact the certified professionals at Energy Smart Home Improvement to have your crawlspace encapsulated for a more comfortable home, healthier indoor air quality, and lower energy bills.



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