Want to make your home in South Central Pennsylvania more energy efficient? Whether you’re looking for money saving tips, want to learn more about the benefits of insulation, or have questions about indoor air quality, you’ve come to the right place! Energy Smart has the answers you’re looking for.

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January 26, 2021

Eliminate the drafts in your home and reduce energy waste with air sealing and insulation upgrades from Energy Smart Home Improvement. Learn more about where air leaks commonly occur in a home, and why scheduling a home energy audit with our team can help you find a long-lasting home solution.... Read more

winter iaq concerns energy smart home improvement video
January 8, 2021

Learn more about the dangers of poor indoor air quality in your home, and how you can help create a healthier indoor environment for your family this winter with help from Energy Smart Home Improvement. In this video, we explain how being cooped up inside all winter means your IAQ is more... Read more

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December 1, 2020

Take the guesswork out of home improvement upgrades with a home energy audit. Energy Smart Home Improvement explains how comprehensive audit results can identify the exact areas of your home that need upgraded insulation or air sealing, saving you money and maximizing your investment in your... Read more

energy smart home which insulation is best infographic
November 19, 2020

Learn more about the different kinds of insulation, and why Energy Smart Home Improvement recommends cellulose insulation for the majority of insulation replacement projects in South Central Pennsylvania. Reach out to your local insulation experts today and tell us more.

snowy winter home
November 10, 2020

Learn more about the best ways you can help prepare your Pennsylvania house for the cold winter months with building science advice from the local experts. From energy audits and indoor air quality testing to upgrading your home's insulation and air sealing, Energy Smart Home Improvement is here... Read more

house exterior autumn
October 20, 2020

Help keep your heating bills low and your home comfort levels high this winter with crawlspace encapsulation from Energy Smart Home Improvement. Learn more about the benefits of protecting your crawlspace and get started this fall with a home energy audit from our BPI certified home experts!

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October 13, 2020

Lower your heating bills and improve your indoor comfort this winter when you schedule insulation and air sealing upgrades for your home this fall. Learn more about the benefits of home performance work, from increased furnace efficiency to healthier indoor air. Schedule a home energy audit... Read more

bad smell in house
September 29, 2020

Learn more about the causes of mold growth and musty smells in your house, and how home improvement services from Energy Smart can help. From insulation to crawlspace encapsulation, we have solutions for your Pennsylvania home—schedule an energy audit today to get started.

stairs to second floor of home
September 15, 2020

Learn why there's such a big difference in temperature between the floors of your home, and how upgrading your insulation and air sealing can help. Energy Smart explains the science behind that dreaded "hot second floor" in the summer. Schedule your energy audit today to find a solution for your... Read more

energy audit checklist concept, checklist in front of house exterior
August 4, 2020

Learn more about the benefits of a home energy audit. If you know you need insulation work, or you're suffering from comfort issues and rising energy bills and don't know where to start, an audit can provide peace of mind and help you find real whole home solutions. Schedule your audit today.



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