July 14, 2020
insulation boosting efficiency infographic energy smart home improvement

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Homes that are energy efficient don’t just keep you comfortable—they also save money! But upgrading to a new top-of-the-line AC isn’t the only way to benefit from efficient and affordable home comfort.


US homeowners spend more than $29 billion on electricity for their AC every year!*

You could save as much as 15% on your energy bills with new insulation and air sealing*

*Source: Department of Energy

How Insulation Helps Keep You Cool

Insulation acts as a thermal barrier around your home’s living spaces, slowing the summer heat trying to transfer through the building materials in your house, and get inside.

For holes and cracks that allow hot outdoor air in and cool air out, spray foam insulation can seal up air leaks and prevent excessive air movement in and out of your home.

Without proper insulation and air sealing, even the most efficient air conditioning system will waste energy and money.

With Proper Insulation, You’ll Have:

  • A cooler, quieter home in the summer

  • Higher AC efficiency and lower electricity bills

  • Less energy waste

  • Year-round protection and comfort

  • More control over indoor humidity

Keep your house cooler without an expensive AC upgrade—talk to a home performance expert today about insulation and air sealing!

Benefit from energy efficient home cooling.

Upgrade your insulation and air sealing today.


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