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May 7, 2020

Let’s say you’ve just realized that some of the issues you’re currently suffering from in your home—high heating and cooling bills and inconsistent home comfort—are likely connected to issues with your house itself. There’s an issue with heat making its way in and out of your house, forcing your HVAC system into overdrive while leaving some rooms drafty and uncomfortable to be in.

You know the solution is likely either a lack of insulation or air sealing. But which one should you use?

Actually, that’s a bit of a trick question (sorry about that), because the correct answer is both! Let’s take a look at the different functions that each of these essential home performance services serve, and why the answer to your problems isn’t “either/or” but “and.”

What Are Insulation and Air Sealing?

Insulation and air sealing are both important protective layers in your home’s building shell and help keep you comfortable. So what’s the difference between the two?

Insulation’s primary function is to slow heat transfer between the inside of your home and the outdoors. There are different kinds of insulation, which can be used for different purposes and in different parts of your home.

The best blown in insulation type that we recommend the most is cellulose, which is made out of recycled newspaper that’s been treated to be fire and mold resistant. Cellulose is great for attic insulation contractors to use as loose fill over the attic floor, and is also one of the more affordable materials for homeowners looking to keep their insulation installation costs down. It’s also great when blown into existing walls as dense pack insulation.

Air sealing, on the other hand, prevents air movement. Your home can be filled with tiny cracks and gaps that allow air to move in between the living spaces of your home and the outdoors. That air can bring unwanted outdoor temperatures with it, not to mention pollutants and other indoor air quality hazards.

Air sealing is done with spray foam insulation, and is a great benefit to homeowners looking to improve their home comfort, lower energy costs, and ensure healthy indoor air throughout their home.

How Do Insulation and Air Sealing Work Together?

Cellulose insulation is great at slowing heat transfer, but its efficiency is reduced when exposed to air movement or to moisture. That’s where air sealing can be an enormous help—it works as both an air and moisture barrier, allowing your home’s insulation to properly protect you from outdoor temperatures.

Insulation and air sealing don’t just work in the winter to keep your home warm—they are just as effective in blocking hot summer temperatures from infiltrating your home during the middle of the year. No matter what month it is, you can be sure that your new home performance upgrades will be keeping the outdoor elements at bay and working to give your heating and cooling systems a break.

Just how much can you save with upgraded insulation and air sealing?

According to the EPA, as much as 16% annually on your Central Pennsylvania heating and cooling costs!

Reach Out to Central PA’s Air Sealing and Insulation Contractor of Choice

As leading home insulation contractors in PA from Greencastle to Lancaster, and Millersburg to York, we have the expertise and solutions for problems in any area of your home. We’re here to help with:

And we can also air seal wherever your home needs it! The best way to find out how your home can most benefit from a home insulation company like Energy Smart Home Improvement is by scheduling a home energy audit today.

An energy audit identifies the specific weak points in your home, pointing out where you’re experiencing the most heat loss or gain and where air is moving in and out of your home. The results of your energy audit can be used immediately to determine the exact insulation and air sealing work you could use to see energy savings and higher comfort in your home.

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Don’t know whether you need insulation or air sealing?

You need both! We can explain why.


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