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March 19, 2020

Like you, the team at Energy Smart Home Improvement has been closely following the evolving news surrounding the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. As community members, we take the health and safety of our customers and our employees very seriously. We understand this is a situation that is still developing, and we intend to continue taking a proactive approach, day-by-day.

We know that homeowners with already scheduled appointments or who are currently considering home improvement upgrades may have questions and concerns, so we wanted to outline a few of the steps we're already taking:

1. Sick Day Policy

We are screening every employee daily and taking every measure to ensure that:

  • All employees can take the time off they need if they do get sick
  • No employees will continue to work if they develop symptoms or fit any of the criteria outlined by the CDC

2. Minimize Homeowner's Risk

Much of the work that Energy Smart Home Improvement does take place either outside of the home or in areas that you and your family don't likely spend time in, like attics, crawlspaces, and unfinished basements.
That said, we are taking extra steps to minimize our presence in your home, and can work directly with homeowners to find creative workarounds that will minimize, if not completely eliminate, the need for our crew to be in your living spaces.

3. Take Health & Safety Seriously

Health and safety is already something that Energy Smart Home Improvement is well trained in. For example, anyone doing insulation work is already required to wear N-95 masks—the same ones that nurses and doctors are using right now in hospitals around the world.
We've now updated this policy and our crew will be wearing proper respiratory equipment at all times in your living environment.

Energy Smart Is Here For You

As an added measure, we will be reaching out to all customers with an existing appointment beforehand, to check your comfort levels and, if requested, to reschedule your appointment for a more convenient time.
As you and your family will be spending much more time in your home than usual for the foreseeable future, remember that spring is an ideal time to have an HVAC system tune-up. Seasonal maintenance will help ensure that your home will stay comfortable and be healthy for your family all summer long.

As stated earlier, we will be regularly reevaluating our current protocols and operating practices to best meet the health and safety needs of our crew, our customers, and the community at large.

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Energy Smart is putting safety and health first.
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