Want to make your home in South Central Pennsylvania more energy efficient? Whether you’re looking for money saving tips, want to learn more about the benefits of insulation, or have questions about indoor air quality, you’ve come to the right place! Energy Smart has the answers you’re looking for.

What Can Homeowners Do About Common Spring Indoor Air Quality Issues? blog header image
March 23, 2023

With rising temperatures and humidity, many Pennsylvania homeowners run into spring IAQ issues. Contact the experts at Energy Smart Home Improvement for indoor air quality (IAQ) testing today. 

Could Attic Insulation Be Making You Sick? blog header image
March 7, 2023

Watch this video to learn how old attic insulation could be causing you harm. Call Energy Smart Home Improvement today for a home inspection in Central PA!

How You Can Take Advantage of IRA Tax Credits & Rebates blog header image
February 28, 2023

The Inflation Reduction Act tax credits and rebates can help PA homeowners save on energy efficiency. Call Energy Smart Home Improvement to learn more today!

Is Your Home Ready to Combat Fall Allergies? infographic header image
November 21, 2022

Get your home ready for fall with these IAQ tips for fighting indoor allergies. Schedule indoor air quality testing with Energy Smart Home Improvement to see if your home is making you sick. 

How Insulation and Air Sealing Helps You Save on Energy Bills blog header image
October 5, 2022

An air sealing & attic insulation upgrade from the insulation pros at Energy Smart Home Improvement will cut energy costs for Carlisle & York PA homeowners. Insulation performs best when the home is air sealed, plus you’ll enjoy more comfort and improved indoor air quality!

Should a Crawlspace Be Sealed blog header image
August 26, 2022

Learn more about how crawlspace sealing by Energy Smart Home Improvement can help solve humidity issues & musty odors in your Pennsylvania home. Schedule crawlspace services from our team of local whole home experts today.

How to Get Rid of Black Mold on Insulation blog header image
August 18, 2022

Is black mold on your insulation dangerous or toxic? Learn more from your local PA home experts about whether mold on insulation can make you sick, and how to address moisture or water leaks damaging your insulation.

Why Your Upstairs Is Too Hot in the Summer header image
July 5, 2022

Learn how insulation and air sealing can help you create whole home comfort this summer. Upgrading your home can lower heating and cooling bills, improve indoor air quality, and create more even temperatures through your entire house—schedule a home energy audit to get started.

The Benefits of Air Sealing Your Attic inforgraphic header image
June 13, 2022

Learn how you can make your home more comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient by air sealing your attic. Energy Smart Home Improvement offers insulation and air sealing services throughout South Central Pennsylvania—schedule an energy audit today to get started.

Crawlspace Encapsulation vs. Basement Insulation videographic header image
April 27, 2022

Learn how these two services are different and how each can benefit your Pennsylvania home. Energy Smart Home Improvement can help you improve indoor comfort, lower energy bills, and make your home healthier. Schedule a home energy audit with our team today.



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    Project: Test Indoor Air Quality

    Very up front and professional..easy to work with. The workers were polite and explained things well. I felt very comfortable with this contractor and not intimidated as others tend to do.