February 21, 2024
How Ice Dams Cause Damage to Your Home infographic

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If you have large icicles hanging off your roof, you’re at risk for ice dams! Ice dams can cause lots of problems for homeowners—here’s how.

What Causes Ice Dams?

  1. Heat escaping your attic warms your roof and melts the snow.

  2. That water freezes over your roof’s eaves, creating an ice dam.

  3. Newly melted snow is blocked by the dam, pools on your roof, and gets under your shingles.

  4. Water gets into your home!

Issues Ice Dams Can Create:

  1. Water leaks

  2. Mold & moisture growth

  3. Indoor air quality issues

  4. Structural damage

  5. Wet and less-effective insulation

Water entering your home is messy and the problems it creates can be expensive to address, especially because damage often occurs behind walls and in hard to reach areas of your house.

Attic Insulation: The Solution for Ice Dam Prevention

Proper attic insulation and air sealing solves ice dams for good, keeping heat from escaping your home in the winter. Even better, insulation and air sealing lower energy bills and make your whole home more comfortable.

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