January 8, 2020

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As Much As 30% of Your Home Heating Could Be Wasted!

In the winter, heat can escape your home in a number of ways, some more obvious than others. If you’re suffering from any of the following issues, you could be paying for heat that’s going right out the window!

  • Drafty rooms that are too cold

  • Ice dams on your roof

  • Chilly second floors

  • High energy bills

The Average Home Suffers From All Over Heat Loss!

  • Ceilings, walls, and floors: 30%

Air leaks, along with old or settled insulation, account for the majority of a home’s wasted heat. 

  • Ducts: 15%

Ductwork that isn’t properly sealed or designed can lose heat before it ever reaches the vents in your home.

  • Fireplace: 15%

Broken or missing dampers can let large amounts of heat escape all winter long.

  • Plumbing: 15%

The areas where plumbing enters and exits the rooms in your home can be prime locations for air leaks.

  • Windows: 10%

Tiny cracks and gaps around your windows add up quickly, and can account for significant heat loss.

  • Doors: 10%

Just an ⅛ inch gap under an exterior door can let as much heat out as a 2½ inch hole in the wall.

  • Fans/Vents: 5%

The areas surrounding fan and vent enclosures in your ceiling and walls can be missing crucial air sealing.

The best way to decrease heat loss in your home is by upgrading your insulation and air sealing. To find out where retrofits will most benefit your home, schedule a home energy audit with Energy Smart. Through cutting-edge technology and building science testing, our audits give you a detailed analysis of your home performance and show where improvements will most increase comfort and reduce energy costs.

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Identify where your home is losing heat and save money all winter long.

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