January 26, 2021
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Air leaks—cracks, gaps, and holes in the building materials that make up your home—not only cause low home comfort and indoor drafts, but they can lead to energy waste and higher heating and cooling costs as well. Proper insulation updates and air sealing can solve these problems, but how do you know exactly where the problem is?

The 5 Most Likely Places to Find Air Leaks in Your Home

1. Windows and doors

The framing around windows and doors are prime spots for cracks and gaps, especially as your window and doors get older. In addition to air sealing, weatherstripping can also help avoid indoor drafts and energy loss.

2. Ductwork

Duct leaks might not always create noticeable indoor drafts, as your ducts are often hidden away out of sight, but they can significantly increase your energy bills—the EPA estimates that up to 30% of energy is wasted through duct leaks.

3. Chimneys

Many homes, especially older ones, lose significant amounts of energy in the gap between the attic floor and chimney brick.

4. Attic

Because of the stack effect, the top and bottoms of a home are often where air leaks and energy loss are most pronounced. If your attic has air leaks, it’s also likely that the air movement is decreasing the effectiveness of your attic insulation as well.

5. Basement and foundation

Basement and foundation air leaks often happen around the rim joist, where the foundation touches the wooden frame of your home.

Reduce Air Leaks—Schedule a Home Energy Audit Today

Instead of guessing where your drafts are coming from, schedule a home energy audit with Energy Smart Home Improvement. We use building science equipment and processes to reveal the true source of indoor air infiltration. Using the results of your audit, we’ll then recommend the best, long-last solution for your home, including insulation and air sealing.

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