June 28, 2021

Are you worried that the air in your home is making your family sick? Poor indoor air quality is unfortunately a common health concern for Pennsylvania homeowners. Symptoms can include coughing, sneezing, fatigue, headaches, runny noses, and more. But they are often mistaken for the common cold or a seasonal bug and go undiagnosed.

Luckily, Energy Smart Home Improvement can help remove air pollutants from your indoor air including:

  • Carbon monoxide

  • Dust, pollen, and smoke

  • VOCs

  • Mold and moisture

  • Humidity issues

  • And more!

We offer energy efficiency upgrades like insulation, air sealing, and basement encapsulation, which not only save money and improve indoor comfort, but also reduce indoor air pollutants too! Schedule indoor air quality testing for your home today.

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Is the air in your home unhealthy?

Get air quality testing with Energy Smart to find out.


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