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Civil War history is all around us here in Gettysburg — as is the sweltering summer heat and humidity, and the bitter winter cold. If you like taking advantage of the many activities our town has to offer — like biking, hiking, and skiing in Caledonia State Park, taking in the history of Gettysburg at the Gettysburg Heritage Center, screaming on a ghost tour, or visiting a brewery — then you’ll also need a reliably comfortable place to come home to at the end of the day. 

If you're facing issues with home comfort, indoor air quality, or energy efficiency, Energy Smart Home Improvement is here to assist. We specialize in making homes more comfortable in all seasons, while also decreasing the amount of energy it takes to keep it that way.

Gettysburg Insulation Services

Upgrading the insulation in your Gettysburg, PA home is the first step in reducing energy loss, which will result in less need for your heating and cooling equipment and a reduction in monthly energy costs. Installing new insulation will enhance your home's ability to retain heat during the winter and keep it cool in the summer, ensuring year-round comfort.

Energy Smart Home Improvement removes and replaces insulation in the following areas of a home, depending on size and need:

  • Attic Insulation

    • The attic is a big culprit for energy loss, and an under-insulated attic can lead to ice dams

  • Basement and Crawl Space Insulation

    • Your living space often pulls air from below — better insulation in the basement or crawl space means fewer temperature changes and drafts above.

  • Sidewall Insulation

    • Usually saved for extensive retrofit work, improved sidewall insulation can further improve the energy efficiency and comfort of a home

As a full-service attic and basement insulation contractor, we install various insulation types, including high-performance cellulose insulation and spray foam insulation for Gettysburg homes. We'll work with you to select the best insulation material for your home and project.

Professional Air Sealing Services in Gettysburg, PA

Whether you reside in a historic home or a newly constructed one, it's common to have gaps and cracks that allow outdoor air to enter your home and conditioned air to escape — but it is near impossible to eliminate every air leak without the help of specialized equipment. Professionally air sealing your Gettysburg home will seal these gaps, preventing energy loss and reducing cold drafts. Additionally, air sealing can enhance your home's indoor air quality by making it more challenging for outdoor pollutants to infiltrate your indoor air.

Gettysburg Energy Assessment

If you're unsure about your home's indoor air quality, insulation, and energy usage, a home energy assessment is the ideal starting point. Our comprehensive and diagnostic energy assessment will evaluate your home's current performance and pinpoint areas that need improvement. Our assessment summary provides the necessary information to choose the best upgrades for your Gettysburg home and budget, and our technicians can help you prioritize these improvements according to budget and need.

Enhance Your Gettysburg Home with Energy Smart Home Improvement

Energy Smart Home Improvement is the leading home performance contractor in Gettysburg. Our technicians are experts in building science and certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI). As whole-home experts, we can collaborate with you on a comprehensive plan. Why wouldn't you want to reduce HVAC costs and conserve energy for future generations simultaneously? It's a win-win — call us today to schedule an energy assessment!

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