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October 31, 2017

As you seek to improve comfort and efficiency in your home, you might become aware of several areas where air sealing and adding insulation would be needed. If you are on a budget, you may decide that it makes sense for you to prioritize certain insulation and air sealing projects over others.

In case you’re looking to boost home performance while on a budget, here is a brief guide to deciding which insulation and air sealing projects will give you the most bang for your buck.

Know Which Home Energy Efficiency Projects Offer the Best Value

A good starting point is to know which projects offer the best value, or the highest return on investment. Attic insulation and air sealing tends to have the most potential for energy savings, since the attic is one of the main sources of energy loss in the home. After attic work, the basement or crawlspace is usually the next best place to insulate and air seal for maximum energy savings. A home energy efficiency expert can help you understand how much different insulation and air sealing projects will cost you, along with how much you can expect to get back in energy savings.

Determine What Your Home Needs with an Energy Audit

The most cost-effective insulation or air sealing project in one home may not be what’s best for another home. One of the best things you can do as you prioritize energy efficiency upgrades is to determine what exactly your home needs.

If you are used to drafty rooms, you might have a poorly air sealed attic or walls — particularly around the windows and doors. You might benefit most from professional air sealing in your attic or around your home. If you experience uneven temperatures between rooms, you might benefit most from attic insulation, basement insulation, or ductwork insulation and air sealing. If you have high heating or cooling bills, this means your home is wasting energy somewhere. An energy audit can reveal where your home is wasting the most energy, so that you can focus your insulation and air sealing budget on those areas.

When in doubt, it’s best to schedule an energy audit. Most electric utilities companies will help you pay for an energy audit, and in some cases your net cost for an energy audit can be as little as $100. Think about which problems you’d like to address in your own home; then contact a professional who can conduct an energy audit on your home to determine what exactly is causing those problems.

Know Your Home Improvement Financing Options

Many homeowners in the Carlisle, PA area are unaware of the many financing options they can take advantage of for their home upgrades. Whether you live outside of Mechanicsburg or Harrisburg or down in Chambersburg, York, or Lancaster, don’t forget to consider which financing options may be available to you.

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