We just wanted to thank you and your team for your recent service. We opted for "the works" – Soffit Baffles, Attic Air Sealing and Attic Insulating. Your field workers completed all of the work in about 3.5 hours; much sooner than anticipated by us. They were even kind enough to take a few "before-and-after" pictures that I could share with my wife when she returned from work.
The results exceeded our expectations! The insulation in our attic was sparce; you rated the R value as 5! Now it's up to code at around R-48. We were told that the results of the Attic Air Sealing produced a change of 24% less air leakage – a very significant improvement. The combine results of your work have resulted in an even temperature in every room of our home - about 70°. We have yet to turn on our furnace since your field workers left!
We also appreciate how quickly you began to process our PP&L rebate. Within two days after our service was completed we received a confirmation from PP&L that the rebate was being processed. Considering the benefits we are already receiving plus the additional rebate, we think your service was very fairly priced and anticipate seeing long-term benefits from this home improvement.
Thank you and all of your team for a job well-done!

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Mr. and Mrs. Randal Rhoades
Mechanicsburg, PA