February 26, 2018
Insulation recommendations, Energy Smart, PA

Insulation creates a thermal barrier that keeps heat inside your home during the winter and blocks heat out during the summer. Many homes in Pennsylvania are under-insulated. How does yours measure up?

Benefits of Proper Insulation

  • Reduce overall home energy consumption

  • Reduce heating and cooling costs by 15%

  • Stabilize indoor temperatures year-round

  • Prevent ice dams from forming on the roof

  • Reduce noise levels coming from outside

Understanding R-Value

The effectiveness of insulation is measured by its R-value. The higher the R-value, the higher the thermal resistance.

Recommended Insulation Levels

*These recommendations are based on climate zone 5.

  1. Attic: R38–R60

  2. 2x4 Walls: R13–R15
    2x6 Walls: R19–R21

  3. Floors: R25–R30

  4. Basement Walls: R11–R19

What Proper Insulation Looks Like

Insulation in the attic shouldn’t just come to the top of the joist; it should completely cover the joists.

R15–R21: Add more insulation

R38–R49: Probably enough insulation

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