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April 24, 2018

When it comes to home performance, uncontrolled moisture is a major concern. Especially during the hot, humid summer months, moisture moves from the air and from the earth into your home, and one of the most common places for moisture to collect and do its worst is in your crawlspace.

All crawlspaces should be completely sealed and isolated from moisture in the air and from the ground.

Issues with Unsealed Crawlspaces

An unsealed crawlspace leaves your home open to all kinds of undesirable conditions, from mold growth to flooding and rot. Left to its own devices, a crawlspace will become detrimental to your indoor air quality, your comfort, and the value of your home.

  • Moisture Damage

An unsealed crawlspace will collect moisture—from the ground, even if you have a slab floor, and from the air through vents, crevices and openings in your foundation. Moisture creates the opportunity for mold and mildew growth. It also creates an extremely unhealthy environment for you and your family while encouraging rot in wood structures and warping floorboards.

  • Insect & Rodent Infestations

An unsealed crawlspace is a haven for insects and rodents. In addition to the yuck factor, this can worsen your home’s indoor air quality substantially.

  • Energy Inefficiencies

By letting conditioned air out and outdoor air in, your unsealed crawlspace forces your heating and cooling systems to work overtime to compensate, yet you’ll still experience drafts and discomfort. Overworking your HVAC system increases the risk of required repairs and breakdowns, burns excessive fuel and results in higher utility bills.

The Solution: Crawlspace Encapsulation

To create a clean, dry crawlspace and improve home comfort, Energy Smart recommends an encapsulated crawlspace. Our process includes the following four steps:

  1. Inspection
    Before encapsulation, we’ll inspect your crawlspace for insects or pests, as well as any groundwater situations that should be addressed first.
  2. Vapor Barrier
    Next, we’ll install a sturdy vapor barrier to the floor, ensuring a good, snug fit. Seam tape and spray foam ensure seams and edges are sealed.
  3. Rigid Insulation & Air Sealing
    Once the vapor barrier is in place, we install rigid insulation on the walls and apply spray foam insulation to seal the gaps in the wood framing above the foundation. Vents, once thought to be beneficial in crawlspaces are now sealed to prevent uncontrolled air and moisture circulation.
  4. Blower Door Test
    Last, we conduct a blower door test to measure any remaining air infiltration.

Energy Smart: Your Harrisburg, PA Area Crawlspace Experts

If you’re ready to have your crawlspace encapsulated to enjoy the benefits of a more comfortable home, healthier indoor air quality and lower energy bills, the certified professionals at Energy Smart Home Improvement are ready to help.

Whatever home improvement you have in mind, our experienced team of building science experts provide expertise and cost-effective solutions for greater home comfort and energy efficiency.

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