Second Floor
June 22, 2017

Many homeowners experience the same problem year after year — an upstairs that’s just too hot in the summer. While the downstairs may feel comfortable, it seems like the second floor never cools down.

Maybe you have the same issue in your Carlisle, Harrisburg, or Lancaster, PA area home. When turning the thermostat down doesn’t seem to work you may start to give up hope, and think that you’re bound to toss and turn at night all summer long. But what if there was something you could do to solve the problem for good?

Reasons Why Your Second Floor is Hot During the Summer

While there are many issues that can result in an upstairs that’s too hot, the most common problems are:

  • Inadequate insulation in attic or sidewalls

  • Air leaks between the house and attic

  • Leaky or poorly insulated ductwork

  • Improperly sized air conditioning unit

  • Unbalanced ductwork

In order to stay cooler during the heat, it’s important to keep all windows closed when your air conditioner is running. However, many of these causes of discomfort aren’t obvious and will require the expertise of a specialist.

How to Improve Home Comfort for the Summer & Winter

Most frequently, the cause of second-floor discomfort is poor insulation and a lack of air sealing. Since your home has hundreds, if not thousands, of small gaps and cracks, air is constantly flowing in and out. While this may not cause much discomfort during the spring or fall, in the summer, hot air from the outside can easily enter. When this is combined with a lack of sufficient insulation, heat will pass through straight into your upstairs living space from the attic.

The attic is one of the most important spots in the home to prevent heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. By having a professional team air seal and add attic insulation, you’ll not only be preparing yourself for a more comfortable summer, but you’ll also decrease your energy bills and stay warmer in the winter.

Stay Cool with Help from Energy Smart Home Improvement

At Energy Smart Home Improvement, we can determine exactly what your home needs for increased comfort throughout. By conducting an energy audit, we’ll be able to understand the cause of uneven temperatures and high energy bills. We will then propose solutions to resolve these problems for good, like insulation and air sealing. Completing these improvements will not only help you stay cool this summer, but will also prepare your home for a cozy winter.  We will be happy to perform a no cost site visit or you can get a diagnostic energy audit (partially paid for by your electric utility).

Make sure you’re comfortable both downstairs and upstairs this summer. Contact us or call (717) 258-6574 to schedule a consultation for your home today.