November 19, 2020
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Looking to upgrade your home but confused by all the different kinds of insulation? Here are the three main kinds:


  • Made of spun glass fibers

  • Loose fill or unrolled in batts

  • “The pink stuff”


  • Made of recycled newspaper

  • Blown in as loose fill or dense pack

  • Fire and mold resistant

Spray Foam

  • Made of polyurethane

  • Spray application

  • Also works for air sealing

Why Energy Smart Home Improvement Prefers Cellulose Insulation

Choosing an insulation material for your home improvement project involves weighing the pros and the cons of each. But for our money, cellulose insulation strikes the perfect balance for most South Central Pennsylvania homes, including Carlisle, Greencastle, York, and more.

Environmentally friendly—Made from recycled materials, cellulose is an eco-friendly insulation. 

High R-value—Cellulose offers more stable indoor temperatures and enhanced home comfort.

Effective sound barrier—Because it dampens outdoor noise, cellulose offers increased privacy.

Affordable—Weighing price against R-value, there’s no better bang for your buck than cellulose.

Better indoor air quality—Cellulose is treated with borate to be resistant to harmful mold growth.

Get Started with a Home Energy Audit Today

The smart first step for any home insulation upgrade is to schedule a home energy audit. Our audits include:

  • A comprehensive review of your home’s performance

  • Sophisticated building science expertise and technology

  • Recommended solutions to lower energy costs and improve home comfort

Need help finding the right insulation solution for your home? Contact the insulation experts at Energy Smart Home Improvement today to learn more.

Confused about insulation types?

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