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February 17, 2017

It's easy to forget about things you don't use often. That's probably why you have a junk drawer filled with random bits of paper and items you're not regularly using. A part of your home that may be commonly overlooked is the crawl space.

Many homes from Chambersburg and Harrisburg have crawl spaces that homeowners simply forget about. While that might not seem like a big deal, since a home has to be maintained to perform well, disregarding the crawl space can be compared to just forgetting about the tires on your car.

Common Issues with Crawl Spaces

It's not just homeowners that are guilty of ignoring their crawl space, often the actual contractors building the home don't pay much attention to it either. Especially if your home is older, but even if it was recently built, your home's crawl space can be experiencing the following issues which will spread into your home:

Moisture & Mold Problems

Crawl spaces that aren't air sealed or insulated tend to build up moisture, particularly in the transition from winter to spring. The damp and dark area is perfect for mold growth.
The first threat that moisture and mold create is poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Since the crawl space has gaps and cracks, air can infiltrate into your home bringing mold spores and contaminated particulates with it, endangering you and your family.

Apart from affecting indoor air quality, over time, moisture and mold can compromise the structural integrity of your home. Taking measures to resolve these problems initially is much more cost effective than trying to repair structural damage down the line.

Air Leaks

Untreated crawl spaces have air leaks, which allow air to easily flow in and out of your home. Not only does this affect indoor air quality, but it also has a significant influence over comfort and energy bills.

You'll have rooms that are always too hot or too cold, depending on the season. Since your HVAC system will be working overtime to try and keep you comfortable, you'll also pay higher energy bills each month.

Rodents & Pests

Crawl spaces that haven't been properly treated and taken care of are the perfect nesting ground for rodents and pests. These creatures can then begin to make their way into your home, wreaking havoc along the way.

Crawl Space Solutions from Energy Smart Home Improvement

To avoid these common problems, your home's crawl space has to be properly treated. With crawl space encapsulation, including a vapor barrier, sealing and insulation, the expert team at Energy Smart Home Improvement can turn your crawl space around.

Reduce indoor air quality problems, structural damage, high energy bills, discomfort and pest and rodent infestations by taking a proactive step and having your crawl space sealed and insulated.

Take care of your home's crawl space for good. Contact us or call 717.258.6574  to schedule a no-cost consultation for your Pennsylvania home!