March 7, 2023

1.  A poorly insulated attic can be harmful to your health and energy bill.

2. That’s right, your insulation can actually make you sick! Let’s see how.

3. Water damage can cause mold that releases toxic chemicals into your air.

4. Remove the mold in the attic, address any leaks and control moisture.

5. Pests are attracted to deteriorated insulation and can create bacteria that gets into your home’s air.

6. Once the pests are removed, get your insulation inspected for damage and waste.

7. Chemicals like asbestos can be in an older home’s insulation.

8. If your home was built before the 1980s, asbestos was most likely used.

9. Replace your old insulation today! | Energy Smart Home Improvement | |

Is your old insulation making you sick?

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