October 27, 2017

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Attic & Crawlspace Improvements for Heating Season

The attic and crawlspace often waste the most energy in the home. If you really want to lower your heating bills this winter, consider making these improvements before the heating season is in full swing.

Attic Insulation

Since as much as 25% of heat loss happens in the attic during the winter. Insulating your attic will go a long way in keeping your home warm when it’s cold out.

What It Does

Heat in your home rises, and if your attic is not insulated, that heat will escape straight through the roof of your home. Attic insulation keeps your home warm by keeping heat in your living spaces, right where you want it.

The Benefits

  • More stable indoor temperatures

  • Less work for your heating system

  • Lower heating bills

  • No ice dams on the roof

Crawlspace Encapsulation

The crawlspace is often a site for moisture issues and mold, which can negatively affect your home’s energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Crawlspace encapsulation keeps your crawlspace clean and dry.

What It Does

Crawlspace encapsulation involves installing a vapor barrier along the floor, sealing the foundation vents, and installing insulation along the walls. These steps together prevent moisture infiltration and help regulate temperatures in the crawlspace.

The Benefits

  • Better indoor air quality

  • More comfortable living conditions

  • Fewer mold and moisture issues

  • Less likelihood of structural damage

  • Fewer pest problems

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