March 14, 2019
4 reasons your house is uncomfortable infographic energy smart home improvement

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Tired of being cold inside your home during the winter and uncomfortably hot during the summer? It might not be your heating and air conditioning systems. Here are 4 common causes of indoor discomfort.

There Are Air Leaks

Air leaks along the exterior of your home allow valuable conditioned air to escape and unwanted outside air to seep in.

The Solution: Schedule professional air sealing for your home.

It’s Under-Insulated

Missing insulation in key areas like the attic, walls, and crawlspace allows heat to escape in the winter and infiltrate your home in the summer.

The Solution: Have an expert reinsulate your attic, walls, and crawlspace.

Doors Are Closed

Closing too many doors in your house can prevent conditioned air from reaching the thermostat, keeping your HVAC system from kicking in when it needs to.

The Solution: Keep more doors open for better indoor air flow.

Vents Are Blocked

Are any air vents closed or obstructed by furniture? If so, conditioned air isn’t making it to the areas where you need it most.

The Solution: Make sure all vents are open and rearrange furniture as needed.

Wondering what’s undermining your home comfort? Schedule an energy audit with our team to find out!

Are air leaks and under-insulation affecting your home comfort?

Schedule an energy audit to find out!


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